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The Village, a young professionals network for the Autism Society of Colorado, was established to provide an opportunity for motivated, philanthropic individuals to support families touched by autism in Colorado. Each member and villager has demonstrated leadership qualities and will be a representative of The Village. As a whole, The Village will aspire to be an inclusive network of our community’s most dedicated and effective future philanthropic leaders, and regarded as a positive and influential force for Colorado families.

The Village’s mission is to support the mission of the Autism Society of Colorado as stewards, fundraisers, and advocates. We work to strengthen the connection between young professionals in a multitude of industries, abilities, and networks with the autism community in Colorado. We accomplish this through each member’s commitment to: 

  • Giving time, talent, and treasure

  • Raising awareness and advocating for those touched by autism in Colorado

  • Creating inclusive events for professional development across Colorado’s disability landscape

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