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Autism Society of Colorado does not endorse, promote or recommend any specific programs, services or methods of treatment for Autism Spectrum Conditions and strongly encourages individuals, their family and/or caregivers to carefully consider the information available and individual factors when making choices for services. 

To search nationwide for services or providers, please visit the Autism Society of America's database:

The ARC of Colorado Chapters

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Community Center Boards (CCB) 

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Medicaid waivers in Colorado

Home and Community Based Services Waivers are extra benefits offered by Colorado’s Medicaid Program, Health First Colorado, that your child could qualify for. In this two-part webinar from Advocacy Denver, Christy Blakely with Family Voices provides parents with information about finding and applying for these children’s Medicaid waivers.
Webinar in English
Webinar in Spanish

Supplemental security income

SSI Children 

SSI Adults

First responders

Tips for First Responders

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