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ASC does not endorse, promote or recommend any specific programs, services or methods of treatment for ASD and strongly encourages individuals, their family and/or caregivers to carefully consider the information available and individual factors when making choices for services.

To search nationwide for specific services or providers, please visit the Autism Society's online database:

To be added to our resources lists, please contact us

Assistive Technologies & Equipment

Assistive Technology

Autism Community Store

Community Centered Boards (CCBs)

CCBs provide case management and access to direct services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). Some individuals with autism may qualify for services through their CCB. - See Also Medicaid Waivers

Community Centered Boards



Home Health Care Agencies

Home Health Care Agencies

Private Insurance

HIMAT Overview - Colorado's Health Insurance Mandated Autism Treatment Law

When Your Health Insurance Carrier Says NOERISA Tool Kit - How to ask your employer to add autism as a covered benefit

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Classes & Groups

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