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Resources for Teens

Resources for youth (ages 13-19) and young adults transitioning from high school to a post-secondary activity such as college, employment or a day program.

New Teen

Where Do I Start?


Financial Support

Intermediate Teen

Community Support

  • ASC Online Support for 15-22 Year Olds – View Calendar

  • ASC Online Support for Parents/Caregivers – View Calendar

  • ASBC Parent Support group

  • ASBC Online Family Support group

  • Parent to Parent of Colorado



  • TBD


Early Development

  • Schools - TBD

  • Therapy - TBD

Expert Teen


  • Future Planning - The Arc

  • Inclusive Higher Education

  • The Engagement Catalyst – Job Coaching and Preparation

  • Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for Youth

Getting Involved

  • Advocacy Groups - TBD

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