ASC Endorsement Policy
ASC believes that each individual with ASD and his or her family and caregivers deserves the right to learn about and then choose the programs, services or methods of treatment for ASD that they feel are most appropriate for the individual with ASD. We firmly believe that no single type of program, service or method of treatment for ASD meets the needs of every individual with ASD. For this reason, ASC does not endorse, promote or recommend any specific programs, services or methods of treatment for ASD and strongly encourages individuals with ASD and their family and caregivers to carefully consider all information available to make the best choices for the individual with ASD, considering all factors that are relevant for that individual.

Not sure where to start? Call or e-mail the Autism Society of Colorado at 720-214-0794 or

Adults with Autism
Counselors, Psychologists, Neuro-Psychologists & Psychotherapists - Some providers offer adult diagnosis
Diagnosis in Colorado Springs Area
Social Security Disability Attorneys
Social Security Disability Benefits
SSDI Adults
Person Centered Planning
*See Also Employment, Health First Colorado for Adults, Housing, Residential and Day Treatment, Transition

Assistive Technologies and Equipment
Assistive Technology 
Autism Community Store

Behavioral Therapy - Includes ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis)
Behavior Therapy Professionals Directory
Behavior Therapy Providers Accepting (or pending) Health First Colorado (Medicaid)
Choosing an ABA provider
RDI SCERTS & Floor time
Types of Behavior Therapy
*Looking for other therapies such as OT, PT, and Speech? Look under our “Other Therapies” link!

Summer Camp Guide 2017
*See also Fun Things to Do and Respite

Child Evaluation and Diagnosis 
Child Evaluations and Diagnosis
Counselors Psychologists Neuropsychologists Psychotherapists

Community Centered Boards (CCB's) - Provide case management and access to direct services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). Some individuals with autism may qualify for services through their CCB. - See Also Medicaid Waivers
Community Centered Boards

Conferences and Parent Training
Parents Encouraging Parents (PEP) Training - Colorado Department of Education
Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI)
Life After High School ARC JeffCo
Mobilizing Families ARC of Jefferson County
PEAK Parent Center

Educational Advocacy Program - Autism Society of Colorado
Arc of Colorado Chapters - some can provide educational advocacy, by county
School Community Tool Kit 
Educating Students on the Spectrum (for Teachers) 
CDE Educational Identification
Transitioning Across Grade Levels - Autism Society
Wrightslaw - information about special education law
*See also Transition

Employment Training Agencies
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation - DVR
Day Treatment & Residential Treatment Center
Residential & Day Treatment Centers
*Visit the Opening Doors(tm) page to see employment partners and opportunities!

Elopement - When a child or adult runs or wanders away from a safe environment

Early Intervention - Ages 0-3 
Child Find
Helpful Links – R Chapman – Wrightslaw
*See also, Community Centered Boards and Education

Fun Things to Do
ASC Calendar of Events
2016 Free Days
Therapeutic and Adaptive Recreation
ArtReach Community Tickets Program
T.A.C.T. (Teaching ASD Children Trades)


Health First Colorado (Medicaid) for Adults
Adult Mental Health Waiver
Adult Medicaid Waiver Comparison Chart
Elderly, Blind & Disabled Waiver (EBD)
Income & Premium Sheet Adult Buy-In
Person’s with Dev. Delay Waiver (DD)
Supported Living Services Waiver (SLS)
Working Adults Buy-in Program

Health First Colorado (Medicaid) for Children
Medicaid, CHP+ and Buy in Income side by side effective April 1, 2015
Child Medicaid Waiver Comparison Chart 
Children With Autism Waiver
Parent as CNA
Sample Letter Medical Necessity
SSI Determination Child
Children’s Home and Community-Based Services Waiver (CHCBS)
Medicaid Buy In for Children

Home Health Care Agencies
Home Health Care Agencies

Colorado Independent Living Centers by County
Housing Programs~Supports~Shelters
Housing – Rental and Home Ownership
North Metro Community Services - Apartments
Personal Adult Living Company

Attorney Directory

Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services
Audiologists and Hearing Screenings
General Community Resources
Health Care Assistance Resources
Just in Time Hearing Brochure
Vaccines & Immunization Information
Dental Providers

Mental Health
Colorado Crisis Services
Counselors, Psychologists, Neuro-Psychologists & Psychotherapists 

Other Therapies
Art & Play Therapists
Auditory Training and Sound Therapy
Information sheet about Auditory Processing
Massage Therapists
Massage for Donation
Music Therapists
Occupational Therapist (OT) & Physical Therapist (PT) Directory
Sensory Integration
Incorporating Sensory Input at Home
Speech Therapists Directory
Swimming Lessons_Warm Water Therapy_
Toilet Training Video
Toilet Training Flyer

Private Insurance
HIMAT Overview
When Your Health Insurance Carrier Says NO
ERISA Tool Kit

Residential and Day Treatment
Residential ~ Day Treatment
Residential Placements

Individual Respite Provider Directory
Respite Providers
Year-Round Respite Guide

Social Skills Groups
Social Skills Classes & Groups

Support Groups
Support Group Directory
Sibling Support - A Guide for Parents

Transition - Resources for youth (ages 14+) and young adults transitioning from high school to a post-secondary activity such as college, employment, a day program etc.
Where Do I Start? Transition Resources - P2P
Transition Options for Students - Colorado Specific
Future Planning Toolkit - The Arc
Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Toolkit
Inclusive Higher Education Certificate Program
Preparing for a Lifetime - Autism Society
*See also Education, Employment

2015 Transportation Guide ~ English
2015 Transportation Guide ~ Spanish
Disability Related Transportation

TSA Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions
*See Also Transportation

ASC is upgrading our resource pages to a searchable provider database. If you would like to be added to this database, please add your information to The Autism Society's on-line referral database located at To add your organization's information to Autism Source, go to the search page of the database and click "ADD MY ORGANIZATION". This will take you to the edit page where you can add information and then click Submit. Please remember that accurate, updated contact information and descriptions are of the most use to our families.
If you have any questions, or would like more information, please e-mail