Public Policy

Public Policy is about advocating for families and individuals affected by autism. This includes being an active participant in regulatory meetings, talking with legislators, and empowering individuals and families to share their stories with policy makers. ASC has spearheaded 16 laws resulting in more than $50 million in funding for supports and services in Colorado. ASC is one of the most respected disability nonprofits in statewide policy efforts and has been a requested partner in policy development by the Colorado Department of Human Services, the Division for Developmental Disabilities, Health Care Policy and Financing, the Division for Vocational Rehabilitation, the Colorado Department of Education, and the Division of Behavioral Health. Additionally, ASC also holds several educational workshops and fact sheets to help families navigate and understand these complex systems. Our inaugural Understanding Public Policy series was launched in the spring of 2013.
Legislative Advocacy and Statutes:
  • Health Insurance Mandated Autism Treatment (HIMAT), 2009
  • Developmental Disability Early Intervention Services, 2009
  • State of Colorado, City and County of Denver, City of Arvada Autism Education Week Proclamations, 2009
  • Developed contracts and programming to implement the Family Caregiver Act, 2009
  • Four State of Colorado Resolutions for Autism
  • Colorado Autism Commission, 2008
  • Private Insurance Reforms Act, 2008
  • Expanding the Promise for Individuals with Autism Act, Federal, 2008
  • Coordinated Payment for Early Intervention, 2007
  • CHP+ Information Outreach, 2006
  • Combating Autism Act, Federal, 2006
  • Fairness in Appeals Process for Private Health Insurance, 2004 and 2005
  • Children’s Autism Medicaid Waiver, 2000 and 2004
  • Children’s Therapy Private Health Plan Mandate, 1996
  • Children’s Extensive Support Medicaid Waiver, 1995
  • Autism Private Health Plan Statute, 1993
  • Family Support Legislation, 1990