1. Information and Referral - ASC’s Autism Navigation Center meets individuals and families where they are on their journey with autism. Families call when they are in need of resources and information about insurance, educational support, physician and therapist referrals, support groups, and any other type of support ASC can provide them. ASC responds to more than 4,500 inquiries annually, hosts the website and social media pages, publishes a monthly newsletter, and produces timely email Action Alerts.

2. Education - ASC provides public awareness outreach through Autism 101 presentations, provider trainings, and instructional seminars for families, advocates, caregivers and individuals affected by autism spectrum disorder. ASC has an educational advocate who supports students and their parents with navigating autism in the education system (for a small fee). During the first year of the program in 2015, the ASC educational advocate assisted 83 families with educational support and IEP assistance. This program ensures each child is getting the free and appropriate education they deserve in the least restrictive way.

3. Community Enrichment - The Autism Society of Colorado hosts events for families and individuals affected by autism to ensure a sense of belonging and acceptance. These events include monthly Pizza Nights and our Opening Doors Program, in addition to ASC’s annual Walk with Autism and Hope Gala. 

4. Policy - ASC has spearheaded 16 laws resulting in more than $50 million in funding for supports and services in Colorado. ASC is one of the most respected disability nonprofits in statewide policy efforts and has been a requested partner in policy development by the Colorado Department of Human Services, the Division for Developmental Disabilities, Health Care Policy and Financing, the Division for Vocational Rehabilitation, the Colorado Department of Education, and the Division of Behavioral Health.