Educational Advocacy Program

Educational Advocacy:
As the number of individuals diagnosed with autism rises, so does the need and demand for high quality programs and services for all families affected. At the Autism Society of Colorado, we hear you. Through our navigation center, the most pressing concern from parents tends to be regarding their child’s education and IEP process and how to navigate this complex system to receive appropriate services.

We have developed a new program to meet this need in our community. Our advocates will assist families with IEP’s and school related advocacy support to ensure that each child in Colorado is receiving a free and appropriate public education. Advocates may attend IEP meetings with parents and/or caregivers having difficulty obtaining services and can help mediate the relationship between the family and the school’s staff in the best interest of the child.

Here is how the program works:
  • Complete our Online Intake Form and we will be in contact with you within 3 business days.
  • Complete an initial 30 minute phone assessment with one of our Educational Advocates.
  • After the assessment, the Specialist will determine whether this program can benefit you and determine next steps.
  • At this point, if our services make sense for your family, you will complete the intake with staff at the Autism Society of Colorado. This includes a waiver of liability, privacy and release of information from the family. Initial payment for services will be collected. This should be completed prior to further services from our advocates.
  • Following the intake process, next steps may include any or all of the following: observation of the child in the school environment, face to face meeting(s) with the family prior to an IEP meeting, advocacy at the IEP meeting, follow-up with an Educational Advocate and/or Autism Navigator via phone, email and/or face to face meetings.
  • Please note that given the unique nature of every child's strengths and needs, the educational advocacy process can vary from child to child or even from year to year. 
Sample Process (How educational advocacy may occur):
Appointment #1: Your Educational Advocate will meet with you, your student and any other immediate family members to get a complete education and developmental history and an understanding of current concerns. The Educational Advocate will review all educational records, school documents and therapeutic reports.

Appointment #2: Your Educational Advocate will observe how the individual interacts with others in a comfortable, predetermined setting. This will allow your Advocate to have a clear picture of the student’s needs prior to any meetings to allow for proper research and review with the student.

Appointment #3 Your Educational Advocate will attend IEP meeting(s) to ensure proper communication and understanding of the student’s needs are being met and interventions or modifications are also being implemented properly.The Educational Advocate and/or Autism Navigator will follow up with your family to determine what, if any, additional supports can be provided.

Ready to get started? Please CLICK HERE for our online intake form to start the process and be contacted for your 30 minute call. Questions about this program? Please email us at or call 720-214-0794.